If you want to have fun and be active in a group that believes in those principles upon which Amateur Radio was founded, join the  Chippewa Valley Amateur Radio Club.   CVARC promotes a “hands on” approach to the hobby of Amateur Radio. This means members helping others resolve their Ham Radio related problems.  It means responding to inquiries and questions.  It means doing and learning from various Amateur Radio activities.  It means building friendships and camaraderie.  Members will learn by doing, not just by watching.  Everyone has something to offer regardless of their status as a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced participant in the hobby.  So, become a member and join the rest of the group to enhance your skills, make friends and just plain have fun - it’s as simple as that.  Click HERE for a printable membership application form (PDF)

Meetings held at Eagles Club in the Village of Lake Hallie on the first Tuesday of the month at 6 P.M. for dinner or 7 P.M. for meeting.  Check the calendar for confirmation of the meeting at the Eagles Club as sometimes we might meet someplace else
The next meeting is NOV 6, 2018 at the Eagles Club 6pm for dinner 7pm meeting.

Up coming events

CVARC Tech License classes http://w9cva.org/Chippewa_Valley_Amateur_Radio_Club_2018_testing.pdf