This is our ongoing “To Do” list. We are trying to keep this current! If you would like to volunteer to work on one of the projects listed, please contact Chip, W9OQI. Thanks!

When a project is completed it will be crossed out.

ProjectDescription of what needs to be done.

Install dish to Hayward for new repeater.
Purchase and place stepladder.

Install dish to Meteor for new repeater.
Purchase and place stepladder.

Install the new repeater cabinet. We have the cabinet.
Purchase and place stepladder.
Clean-up the Holcombe repeater site.
Put in rodent “sticky traps”.

See if there is interest in having a remote
view camera on the Lake Hallie Water
Tower. Plan and install.
Purchase and place stepladder.
Install the new battery back ups.

Repair/replace the ladder line feed connection.
Need to locate a permanent storage site. (Preferably an inside site with
24/7 access.)
Need to locate and inventory all of the club assets
Investigate installing cameras on the outside of the trailer
WebsiteNothing pending at this time
ScoutsWork with the Boy Scouts at Camp Phillips

Organize volunteers to help out at OctoberFest
Buy PPD items for use when cleaning at repeater
sites. Especially at Holcombe!
Coordinate and help interested members build
Schedule CPR and First Aid training.
Set up emergency preparedness training with surrounding

Set up committee and appoint chairman. (Our last one had multiple
members put in a ton of work to make it a success.) Need prizes
Obtain Wisconsin Raffle license
Do we presell tickets?
Water went over really well
Hire a food vender
Print tickets
Do we have donuts & coffee for workers?