ARDC grant

The Chippewa Valley Amateur Radio Club, Inc. is proud to announce the receipt of a grant from the Amateur Radio Digital Communications, Corporation. The purpose of this grant is to help fund the purchase and outfitting of a Ham Radio Emergency Communications trailer along with necessary supporting equipment including electrical generator, antennas, and the like. The trailer will include heat and air conditioning to accommodate year-round use. We intend to take this trailer to various schools in the hopes of educating the next generation of ham radio operators. The trailer will also be involved in various forms of supporting activities such as Sky Warn severe weather spotting.

Amateur Radio has three levels of Federal Communications Commission licensing. Passing a specific test is a prerequisite for obtaining an FCC License. Each license has various frequency privileges that come with each level of license. There are several different served agencies that may request using Ham Radio support including County Emergency Government, Police, Fire, Red Cross, hospitals, D.N.R., Etc.

The mission of Amateur Radio Digital Communications [ARDC] is to support, promote, and enhance digital communication and broader communication science and technology, to promote Amateur Radio, scientific research, experimentation, education, development, open access, and innovation in information and communication technology.