US Army NETCOM will be utilizing 60 meters for amateur radio outreach

US Army NETCOM will be utilizing 60 meters for amateur radio outreach from April 29 – May 7 as part of DOD COMEX 22-2.

On May 3 at 0200Z (May 2 at 2000 Mountain), there will be a high-power broadcast about the information that will be requested during the exercise. US Army NETCOM will also announce times for amateur radio and AUXCOMM to net with DOD HF stations for the remainder of the week.

Beginning on May 3 at noon local for each US time zone (East, Central, Mountain, Pacific), there will be a short net for amateur/AUXCOMM stations. In the evening, 2100 Central and noon local nets will conclude with the noon net on Saturday, May 7. NETCOM will be requesting support for collecting various types of information that may include road closure reports, METAR weather reports, and electrical power service availability.

2022 CVARC election results

Secratary Phil Sprat W9PRS

Treasurer Scott Strecker KG9IV

In coming President Wayne Johnson K9WKJ

at the April 2022 meeting Chip Eckardt W9OQI will assume the office of President

and John Lindberg AA9JL will move to the out going President position

CVARC Winter Field Day

Amateur Radio operators from the Chippewa Valley Amateur Radio Club will be on-the-air during Winter Field Day January 29, 2022 through January 30, 2022. They’ll be located in the parking lot at the corner of Hallie Rd. and 27th Ave. in Lake Hallie. (see attached map.) This exercise tests their ability to operate using portable stations with temporary antennas, all while not relying on commercial power!

Winter Field Day begins Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 1:00pm and runs through Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 1:00pm. Amateur Radio Operators across the country participate in the event. Even around the world!

Members of CVARC will begin setting up for the event at approximately 10:00am Saturday with plans to be fully operational by 1:00pm. Utilizing their NEW Emergency Communications Trailer, they will operate using batteries, solar, and a dual-fuel generator.

This event, which started in 2007, is sponsored by the Winter Field Day Association ( Unlike the ARRL sponsored Field Day in June, Amateur Radio operators will be out in less than ideal conditions, such as snow, rain, sleet, below-freezing and sub-zero temperatures!

If you’d like more information about Amateur Radio, or how to become a licensed amateur radio operator we invite you to visit the ARRL website. Or, check the CVARC website.

If you’d like to help out, or are a licensed Amateur Radio operator and would like to sign-up to operate one of the stations, please contact Phil at We have lots of time slots available!

Not yet an Amateur Radio operator? Not a problem! Stop by and Get-On-The-Air today!