October CVARC meeting minutes 10/02/18

Chippewa Valley Amateur Radio Club

Regular Business Meeting Minutes 

October 2, 2018

                            Eagles Club, Hallie, Wisconsin


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Rod Vizer at 7:05, CDT on September 4, 2018.
Treasurer’s report: Balance per Gloria, KC9GLO:

Savings           $2280.20

Checking          $ 140.60

Total                 $2420.80


Expenses         $ 25.00 Hall

Repeater Committee

Our VHF (145.375) repeater is not operating very well. John, AA9JL used a spectrum analyzer and discovered a -60dB signal at 147.975 MHz emanating from a Durand radio station 107.3.

Our UHF (440.350) repeater is marginally optimally operating.

New Business

Rod, KD9HSA has offered to explore possibilities of backup batteries for our repeater. A suggestion was made to make a donation to WECOMM. Ron, W9RMA explained how WECOMM was formed after 9/11 using federal grant money. Funds have dried up for it’s operation. No decision was made as to a donation.

Attendance record:  Wayne Johnson, K9WKJ; Gloria Johnson, KC9GLO; Gary Mohr, KD9CIT; Ron Krueger, W9JRW; Rod Vizer, KD9HSA; Robert Bernhardt, AC9JU; Glenn Jones, K5GKJ;  Troy Faulkner, KB9AZZ; John Lindberg, AA9JL; Ron Anderson, W9RMA; Ron Larson, W9RLL; Kenny Dicks, AC0GV; Eugene Kulbeck, AC9GR; Alex Myrman, AC9DX; Troy Perry, KD9FXT; Larry Hamre, AI9N and Mark Peterson, NV9J; Tom Kewan, KD9LCW; Curt Campeau, N9AZW; Dan Brandner, N9DJB; Mark Peterson, NV9J; Jason Schrofe, KC9RIJ.

Some time was spent allowing members to tell the group how they happened to get into ham radio.

Meeting adjourned 19:50.