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    1. As dry as it is
      Here is the excerpt from the membership section of the ByLaws
      Covering rates and types of membership

      Section 1. Membership Types
      a. Full Membership – Is open to licensed Amateur Radio Operators who are 18 years old or above.
      b. Associate Membership – In addition to the CVARC Constitutional definition (Article III, Section b), the Associate Membership includes individuals who are licensed Amateur Radio Operators who have not reached the age of 18 years.
      c. Family Member – This membership type is open to any /all natural or adopted family member(s) of the Full CVARC Member, who; 1. is /are a licensed amateur radio operator and 2. reside at the same address as the Full Membership.
      d. Honorary Membership – Honorary CVARC Membership. This membership type exists for the purpose of recognizing unlicensed individuals for their contributions to the field of Amateur Radio in general and/or the CVARC specifically. Specifics concerning this public honor shall be developed in the future.
      Section 2. Dues – The initial (12/04) CVARC Annual Dues shall be:
      a. Full Member – $ 20.00/yr
      b. Family Membership – $5.00/yr. Note: This single annual fee of $5.00 total covers any and all additional family members. (see Article I, Section 1, item c “Family Membership” above.)
      c. Associate Membership – $10.00/yr

      Well a hearty handshake!
      And the chance to learn and share skills,knowledge and experiences
      with others that have similar interests
      Not to mention field day
      And dont forget the Valentines day party!
      As well as voting rights concerning club actions,projects,events

      My sales skills are lacking here
      Come join us!!

      1. also I have not yet done the descriptions surrounding the membership PayPal buttons
        as well as they are not yet live but in sandbox mode

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