November CVARC meeting minutes

Chippewa Valley Amateur Radio Club

Regular Business Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2018

                            Eagles Club, Hallie, Wisconsin

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Rod Vizer, KD9HSA  at 19:00, CDT on November 6, 2018. Before the start of the meeting President Vizer called for a minute of silence in honor of the passing of Eau Claire Amatuer Radio Club’s long-time member, Paul Bittner, W0AIH. Seventy-three, Paul. It was also announced that, due to the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, the December board meeting will be held on Thursday, December 27th and the January meeting on January 8, 2019.

Treasurer’s report: Balance per Gloria, KC9GLO:

Savings           $2293.25

Checking          $ 90.60

Total                 $2383.85


Old Business

PayPal has been set up and activated for purpose of paying our liability insurance premium.


Repeater Committee

Our VHF repeater (147.375) is not operational. John, AA9JL believes there is something in the neighborhood of the repeater causing the interference. He is in the process of attempting to isolate the problem. He also encouraged more use of the repeater such as running a net on a regular basis or an on-air swapfest. He believes the repeater will be operational some time this week. UHF machine 444.350 working properly per Ron, W9RMA


New Business

Skip, W9JRW inquired about any interest in a Valentine’s party. There was enough interest to begin plans for a party on Friday, February 15th to take place at Eagle’s Club in order to take advantage of the buffet at this location.

Ron Larson, W9RLL advised the club that all are welcome to attend Eau Claire Amateur Radio Club’s Christmas party to be held on December 11th at Oxbow Hotel in Eau Claire. There is a cash bar beginning at 17:30 followed by the meal at 18:30.

Bruce Mitchell, AA9AB brought to the meeting two project kits that he had completed – an antenna analyzer and a frequency counter. Both projects were very inexpensive and easily assembled.



Wayne, K9WKJ demonstrated the newly revamped W9CVA webpage. Thanks Wayne.

Attendance record:

Members: Wayne Johnson, K9WKJ; Gloria Johnson, KC9GLO; Gary Mohr, KD9CIT; Ron Krueger, W9JRW; Rod Vizer, KD9HSA; Robert Bernhardt, AC9JU; Troy Faulkner, KB9AZZ; John Lindberg, AA9JL; Ron Anderson, W9RMA; Ron Larson, W9RLL; Alex Myrman, AC9DX; Ken Dicks, AC0GV; Dan Brandner, N9DJB; Mark Peterson, NJ9V; Jason Schrofe, KC9RIJ; Curt Campeau, N9AZW; Tom Kewan, KD9LCW; Larry Hamre, AI9N and Glen Jones, K5GKJ.

Nonmembers:Robert Olson, Marolyn Olson and Bruce Mitchell AA9AB..

Meeting adjourned 19:30.


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